6 Key Reasons Why Writing an Interview Thank-You Letter is Important

Many people are so worried about how they have performed at an interview, they are likely to forget to write a thank you letter or to consider that it is not really important. But the interview thank-you letter could turn out to be very useful, especially where two interviewees might be in a tie situation and need something else to separate them.

There are six main reasons for writing an interview thank you letter.

  1. To show some appreciation for the employer’s interest in you and the time they have devoted to you. Many people would have applied for that position and you have been selected. That shows appreciation for your talents, your potential and what you might have to offer them. They felt you deserved their time and resources over others. That is a big compliment to you. Give something back in return rather than take it for granted.
  2. A kind of review and reminder to the employer about your qualifications for the position. If you genuinely forgot something to mention at the interview, this is the time to add it, or to briefly elaborate on it, especially in the form of: “I hope I am successful as I am looking forward to putting the skills gained through my new management certificate on the new project that was mentioned.” That helps to keep the focus on your skills and suitability for the post.
  3. It allows you to follow up with any requested information at the interview. Whatever else you might have been asked to provide, this would be the time to legitimately include it.
  4. Demonstrate that you have good manners, great interaction skills and know to write a thank-you letter. The simple letter not only serves a purpose in showing courtesy, it also shows your ability to communicate and the way you would interact with others in a friendly supportive way, by going that extra length. Not many other interviewees would have remembered such a letter so that would put extra emphasis on your application.
  5. To reaffirm your interest in the position and in the organization. By reinforcing your personal interest in the position, you show your keenness and enthusiasm and keep the focus on you. You also cement an impression that the interview was not the only thing you were interested in, that you genuinely would like to be part of the establishment.
  6. It keeps attention on your performance and input long after the others might have been forgotten. Everyone likes praise and appreciation, no matter who they are. When an employer is thanked for their time and resources, it helps them to feel that the exercise was worthwhile.

While you might be fretting about your performance and the impact you might have made, write a thank you letter as well, send it out, leave it in the lap of the gods and stop worrying. You could be surprised by the result!